When we Germans tore down the Berlin Wall and reunited our divided nation a new era began. Inclusive, diverse and equal. But times have changed and we face new challenges today. Not just in Germany, but everywhere hate groups gain strength and the focus on our differences divides the world once again. For the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall we teamed up with adidas to honor the spirit of 1989 and everyone who fights to tear down what divides our society in the present.

We rewarded today's „wallbreakers" with a limited edition jacket, which we called „Wendejacke". This not only translates into English as "reversible jacket" but also includes the political term "Wende" which comes from the German "wenden" (to turn) which is a well-known term for the political turning point around 1989 in Germany. Our contemporary design of the jacket features two sides that symbolize East and West Germany and boasts details like a zipper dividing and reuniting a list of all streets formerly divided by the Berlin Wall. 

The launch of the jacket was accompanied by a social media campaign featuring interview formats with our German „wallbreakers" like rapper Sido, or the first female referee in male professional soccer, Bibiana Steinhaus.
Agency: Jung von Matt​​​​​​​
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