Hi, I'm Robert, a Creative Director based in Hamburg, Germany. As a little kid who had just moved to the US, didn't speak a word of English and was yet to make friends, I started to come up with TV commercials in my backyard. Years later, what I did for fun in my childhood became my job at Jung von Matt in Hamburg. Since 2021 I work at McCann Worldgroup Germany. Check me out on LinkedIn:

2022 I Shots Awards – 1x Gold, 2x Bronze, 1x Shortlist

2020 I New York Festival – 2x Bronze, 9x Finalist
2020 I One Show – 2x Shortlist
2020 I ADC Global – 1x Bronze, 3x Merit

2018 I Lovie Award – 1x Bronze, 2x Shortlist
2018 I ADC Europe – 1x Silver
2018 I Clio – 2x Bronze, 2x Shortlist
2018 I Cannes Lions – 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 5x Shortlist
2018 I Silver Arrows – 1x Bronze
2018 I New York Festival – 2x Silver, 6x Bronze, 6x Shortlist
2018 I One Show – 1x Gold, 1x Bronze, 1x Merit
2018 I ADC Global – 1x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze, 2x Merit
2018 I Spotlight Award – 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
2018 I D&AD – 3x Graphite
2018 I Die Klappe – 1x Silver, 2x Bronze
2018 I Deutscher Digital Award – Shortlist
2018 I ADC Germany – 1x Gold, 4x Silver, 1x Bronze, 1x Merit
2018 I Deutscher Werbefilmpreis – 3x Winner

2016 | Publication in Lürzers Archive

2015 | Cannes Young Lions – Gold
2015 | Young Lions – Germany Winner
2015 | ADC Germany – Shortlist
2015 | Ciclope Award – 2x Silver
2015 | Die Klappe – Silver

2014 | ADC – Bronze
2014 | Die Klappe –Bronze
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